Friday, 6 January 2017

It's so bad it's good - another film chat

Often when someone says 'have you seen...' followed by a crap, more often than not, chick flick film title I respond with 'Yes I love it, it's such a good crap film!'

Why do I enjoy these films when I know they're bad?! Films like Clueless, Just My Luck, Slap Her She's French, they're really quite bad. I mean Clueless is so weird, it shows drink driving and smoking, and then she basically gets with her brother...sort of. I can't say too much about Just My Luck because McFly were in it, instantly making it amazing. But as someone who loves film, I can say that these films are bad, except I love them! So does it matter if the script or acting isn't amazing, as long as the film is enjoyable?

There's been a lot of criticism about Suicide Squad, which I understand because the plot was...non-existent, but I've got to say I still enjoyed the film. I guess as long as I'm laughing when I should, and it's entertaining enough, then I'm happy!

I recently watched The Duff on Netflix expecting it to be bad. I had seen the trailer and already judged it because DUFF stand for Designated Ugly Fat Friend, everything the main character wasn't, which annoyed me because I thought it was going to be another moment where an actor is meant to be seen as the 'fat' one but actually they're probably just a healthy weight. But I was in the mood for a crappy chick flick so I put it on, and actually, I really enjoyed it.

There were many jokes in the film I laughed at, I didn't cringe much at it, it perhaps got a little weird at times but overall I thought it was a pretty funny film. Would I say it was a good film? Yeah I suppose, it was a good bad film.

I think sometimes you just need a film where you don't have to think too much and you can just chill and watch it with no expectations, because then you can't be disappointed with it. The only problem is if I see a new film that I like then I usually watch it a couple more times that week, which is probably a waste of my time if the films aren't that great.

What are some of your guilty pleasures when it comes to good crap films?

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