Thursday, 2 February 2017

The Play That Goes Wrong Review!

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In January I had a birthday, woohoo go me, and as a treat my sister got me tickets to see The Play That Goes Wrong. I didn't know anything about it except that it was a comedy. I had the cheap tickets you can risk buying on the day so I was as far back as you can go, but apart from a bit of neck stretching, it didn't effect my experience much at all. Often when I get the seats further back I can see the tricks from backstage, but thankfully this wasn't the case with this show!

I expected the show to be good from what I'd heard from other people, especially when even the person selling us the tickets at the box office emphasised how good the show was. And then it went ahead and exceeded my already high expectations, it was so good!

So first of all I sat down in my extremely far away seat and took in the set, which was an old fashioned room (the play is set in the 1920s) consisting of a lounging chair, a fireplace with a mantelpiece (trust me the mantelpiece is important) and an upper section for a small study. I noticed someone messing with the door on the set and then as they walked away from it, the door opened and they returned to close it once more. After it happened again I realised how much of an idiot I was being, as it was clearly part of the show. When another 'stage manager' came on to fix the mantelpiece, using the aid of an audience member, it was confirmed.

From the moment I sat down to when the lights went up, I was entertained. The acting was brilliant, with great characters; there was the one who introduced the play (as it's a play about a play...get it?) and who acted in it as the inspector, his character was hilarious as he cared about it going well, so when it went wrong he got extremely frustrated. There was a character who loved the audience attention, and was a fan of 'over acting' then looking to the audience for applause. I don't want to give too much away but every actor played their part perfectly and with amazing comedic value.

However I cannot praise the people who worked on the set enough, it was truly a performance in itself! With objects falling from the walls, catching fire and basically the whole set just going to pieces, it was like another character leaving me in stitches. I loved that during the bows they brought the ones running around backstage making all the set failures happen on stage for their deserved applause.

Ingenious and hilarious. If it's on near you, give yourself a treat and go watch it! Worth every penny.

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